We are a
Data-Driven CRO

Expert in Clinical Data Analytics
Biostatistics and Biometrics


SIGNIFIENCE is a Data-Driven Contract Research Organisation, also called Biometrics CRO.

Passionate about Biostatistics and Health Data processing, we have been assisting the pharmaceutical industry and biotechs for 10+ years in the generation and  exploitation of their clinical data.

We offer an end-to-end solution, starting from the first phases of clinical trial design, with the objective of optimizing and accelerating R&D processes (calculation of the number of patients required, adaptive trial designs, etc.), up to the final analysis and exploitation of statistical results, for submission to regulatory authorities.

Unlike traditional CROs that offer ‘non focused’ research support to pharma & biotechs, SIGNIFIENCE distinguishes itself by its specialization and experience in health data analytics

Our team is composed of experts in Biostatistics, Data-management and Statistical Programming.

We assist our partners in the development of clinical research protocols, the writing of the SAP (Statistical Analysis Plan), the delivery of the CSR (Clinical Study Report), as well as in the statistical interpretation of the clinical results of studies.

Signifience also offers post-marketing support for Medical Affairs, through data-generation, post-hoc analysis of clinical trials, Real-World studies and pharmaco-epidemiology.


At Signifience, we feel fully involved in your clinical research and we share your studies objectives as if they are our own.

Thus, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality biometric support to achieve your success in limited timelines.

We always consider strong communication, close collaboration and win-win partnerships as the main path to success.

Commitment to our core values of transparency, independence and professionalism lead us to provide the highest level of statistical expertise for numerous research projects.