SIGNIFIENCE is a Data-Driven CRO providing full services in Biostatistics and Clinical Data Science

Unlocking the value of your real-world data

Our Mission
We are committed to provide Full Statistical Support to medical and clinical research at the core of each data exploration phase. We have a strong experience in Medical Affairs with Clinical studies , Registries, Post-Marketing and Real-World Data analyses. We collaborate with Biotechs, Pharmaceutical Companies, as well as Academic Institutes.
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Data Generation for Medical Affairs
Dive into your data and discover why your clinical product is unique!
We help you re-analyze your clinical databases, and develop observational and post-marketing studies to generate new insights about your drug on the market.
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Clinical Trial Data
Accelerate your IND application process with our Statistical Services. We help your research team to design your trial with an appropriate sample size, develop your Statistical Analysis Plan and deliver the Clinical Study Report on effective timelines.
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Our services & expertises

Biostatistics for
Clinical Trials

Phases I, II and IIIa/b, Study design, Sample size, Statistical Analysis Plans, Interim Analysis..

Real World Evidence

RWE/RWD generation, Late Phase study design, Observational studies, Claims Databases, Patient Registries...

Medical Affairs
statistical support

Data-Generation for Data Mining, Post-hoc analyses, Scientific & Medical material generation..

Clinical Data Management

CRF/eCRF design, Study databases build, CDISC standards, Edit checks, QC and validation...

Statistical Programming

SAS 9.3/9.4, R, SDTM and ADaM standards, Mock tables, TFLs productions, QC ...

Robust methodology

for successful research

The critical step in any research project is identifying the initial clinical question. Once the objectives are precisely defined, a robust statistical methodology as well as a specific selection criteria for the study population can be defined, guaranteeing optimal final results. Signfience provides services in :

  • Identification of primary, secondary and exploratory objectives
  • Designing of the statistical methodology for each study endpoint
  • Sample size and power calculations
  • Statistical testing and modeling (Logistic Regression, Cox models, Kaplan Meier curves, Propensity scores matching, etc.)
  • Statistical programming (SAS 9.3/9.4, R, Python)

Deciphering data

with Artificial Intelligence

The evolution of technology being utilized in the exploration of clinical data is accelerating. Novel methods of Machine and Deep Learning offer exciting new opportunities in data analyses and scientific discoveries. This scientific revolution created by Artificial Intelligence is part of the DNA of Signfience.

  • Re-analyses of structured and unstructured clinical data (RCT dabatases, registries, MRI imaging, Clinical reports) with Machine and Deep Learning models.
  • Supervised training of AI algorithms for the prediction of clinical events and diagnostics
  • Unsupervised patient data classifications (clustering) for the identification of specific patient profiles.
  • Deployment of machine learning algorithms (Random Forest, Gradient Boosting, Naive Bayes, etc.) and neural networks (RNN, CNN, etc.)

From raw data
to final report :

Accelerate your scientific workflow

The communication of study results to the scientific community and health authorities is a crucial step in the valorization of a research project.
Thanks to its team of experts in biometrics and programming, Signifience is committed to the production of precise and clear communication documents allowing information sharing and quality scientific publication:

  • Creation of Tables/Figures/Listing
  • Contribute to Clinical Study Report
  • Assistance in interpreting statistical study results
  • High quality statistical and graphical media for scientific publishing needs (manuscripts, abstracts, posters..)
  • Collaboration with scientific teams in order to design complementary analyses (subgroups analyses etc..)


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