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29 November, 2022

Sustainability and efficiency of clinical trials in the area of environmental impact regulation

Sustainable research efforts will create fundamentally new approaches with more targeted interventions, shorter time frames with fewer participants, and analysis of real-world data...

23 October, 2022

Intention-to-Treat (ITT) vs. Per Protocol (PP) : How to choose the right clinical trial population

In any statistical analysis of a clinical trial, the choice of analysis population between Itention-to-Treat (ITT) or Per-Protocol (PP) arises. We will introduce these two types of populations and how to choose the right one for your analysis.

23 September, 2022

A Researcher’s Guide to Adaptive Design in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials, like new product development in general, are not only time-consuming but are also costly. An adaptive design is one that allows changes to the trial or statistical procedures after the trial has begun...

22 September, 2022

Data Analytics industry and Gender Gap

Data analytics industry needs to consider welcoming more women into the crucial roles they fill. Indeed, salary and leadership gaps are more than common in this field.

11 August, 2022

P value : Still the statistical gold standard for Clinical Trials?

The P-value in clinical research is the key statistic for proving the effect of a treatment. However, the notoriety of this statistic has deteriorated over time ...

13 August, 2022

Understanding sample size calculation

Sample size calculation is one of the most critical steps in the design of a clinical trial. It can lead the research team to fail the primary outcome of the study..

9 August, 2022

Let’s go for a walk in the forest!

How to create a nice Forest Plot with SAS for reporting statistical associations

21 July, 2022

Full SAS code – Forest plot